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     Amusement facilities are carriers that operate in a specific area and carry tourists. They are generally a combination of mechanical, electrical, hydraulic and other systems. Like all electromechanical products, they may malfunction. When malfunctions occur, tourists will panic, be trapped, and other Dangerous accident.

     1. Common failures of amusement facilities.

     (1) Sudden shutdown; (2) Mechanical breakage; (3) Falling from high altitude.

     2. Causes and prevention of failures.

     Amusement facilities are mostly composed of several systems, and the causes of failures are complex, mostly caused by improper maintenance or untimely maintenance. Therefore, the prevention of failures focuses on strengthening daily maintenance and regular inspections.

     3. Emergency points.

     (1) If you feel unwell or feel unbearable during the game, you should promptly remind the staff to shut down.
     (2) When an abnormal situation occurs when the machine is shut down, do not move or disarm the safety device easily. Keep calm, follow the instructions of the staff, and wait for rescue.

     (3) In emergency situations such as accidental casualties, avoid panic, hoopla, or crowding, and organize evacuation in time.

     4. important hint.

     (1) Tourists must first carefully read the "Instructions for Tourists" when playing, listen to the explanations of the staff, and master the main points of play. People with high blood pressure, heart disease, etc. should not play items that are not suitable for their bodies. Play a good guardianship role when leading minors to play.
     (2) Any amusement facility has corresponding safety protection devices. In the event of equipment failure, it is the best choice for tourists to remain calm, obey instructions, and wait for rescue, which can reduce the severity of the accident and even avoid personal injury accidents.