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  • 90m Ferris Wheel
  • 90m Ferris Wheel
  • 90m Ferris Wheel
  • 90m Ferris Wheel
  • 90m Ferris Wheel

90m Ferris Wheel

Power: 35kw

Height: 90m





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90m ferris wheel is a big ferris wheel amusement rides in the theme parks for kiddie and adults to enjoy.As a professional giant ferris wheel manufacturers in china we also sale all kinds of Y-model ferris wheel which is more beautiful and stable.


1. Blast cleaning of rails and pipes, polished, fiberglass, stainless steel attachments, non-fade and durable colorful designs.

2. Different body shapes can choose different designs, including the height of the product. You can also install air conditioners according to your needs.

3. With advanced music, positioning, gorgeous lighting, timing functions, we can also place your logo according to your requirements.

4. Every weld must pass crack detection and infrared penetration test, and the strength of each shaft must comply with national standards

5, we attach great importance to painting, the first is the primer, then the anti-rust paint, and finally the lacquer, three times the paint to ensure that the color is bright, not fade.

6. Ensure that the ride time is 12-24 months, during which time the non-human failure of all parts can be freely changed.


Height Cabin Passenger Speed Light
90m 48 288P 0.28m/s  Double-Sided Light


Please feel free to submit your inquiry information to us. We will contact with you as soon as possible.