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  • Tagada ride
  • Tagada ride
  • Tagada ride
  • Tagada ride
  • Tagada ride

Tagada ride

Power: 21Kw

Voltage: 380V/220V

Height: 1.9M



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Tagada disco ride is a large disk, it can roll, turn to do a dozen movement. Tourists sitting on a large disc, accompanied by rich music festival Minato, body movement along with the disc. When a passenger sitting on , He is not fixed! Disc runtime as big Haibo Tao bumps and downs, just like one UFO with endless variations, moving slow or fast. Disco turntable ride is one high-speed rotary play equipment and loved by kids and adults


1.Tagada could up and downs when it running,binging the passengers very exciting feel.

2.It uses the high-density foam in the market so that promise absolutely safe.

3.Automatic doors providing more service quality for convenient.

Our designers developed a unique automatic microcontroller touch system.


Color Various colo
Power 21KW
Voltage 380V/220V
Running height 1.9M
Operating speed 1.9m/s
Size 12M*9M*5M
Capacity 8P/24P
Package Wooden box with iron frame
Usage Theme park/playground/shop mall
Installation We will send you engineer


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