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  • 360 degree pendulum
  • 360 degree pendulum
  • 360 degree pendulum
  • 360 degree pendulum

360 degree pendulum

Power: 82kw

Voltage: 380v/220v

Height: 23m

Weight: 24t

Capacity: 23p


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  The 360-degree pendulum is an upgraded version of the regular pendulum, which is more exciting because it rotates at a 360-degree angle. As a professional entertainment design factory, our 360 degree pendulum safety factor is very high and beautiful. Stimulating play equipment is a favorite of young people, and your amusement park will be very popular.


  1.Safe Device:(Five-storey insurance)

  1>Safety-Bar with high-density foam, feel more comfortable and be more safe.

  2>Professional aerial safe belt, better quality and better protection.

  3>The smart touch control cabin with frequency converter, which make the 4 frequency motors more powerful and safety, the CPU of the control system is made by DELTA.

  4>One-touch emergency shut down system.

  5>The 5 in 1 integrated cabin can make the operational process more stable and safe.

  2.Steel structure has been polished by twice time, the painting of the production looks smooth and shining.

  3.Luxury decorations and many LED lights make the production more attractive and shining,Custom color.

  4.The full-automatic pressure bar is operated by one-touch system trough the control box.

  5.The full-automatic station is also included.


Power 82kw
Voltage 380v/220v
Height 23m
Swing angle 360°
Capacity 23p
Size 14m*15m
Model Upper transmission
Pattern shape Support customization


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