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Speed Windmill

Power: 75kw

Voltage: 380v/220v

Height: 10m


Static height:8.5m


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Speed windmill amusement rides/Top Scan is the latest high-tech ideas and build with large rides. In the sky it looks like a stretch of a large windmill,visitors sat on the "windmill blades", the column slowly lifted, then the big arm pros revolution,cockpit corbel rapid reverse rotation, spin the cabin under the centrifugal force, superimposed combination of three movements,Speed windmill device design excellence in innovation, in line with modern entertainment psychological and stimulate demand.


1.Safe Device:(with quintuple Insurance)

1>Safety-Bar with high-density foam, feel more comfortable and be more safe.

2>Professional aerial safe belt, better quality and better protection.

3>The smart touch control cabin with frequency converter, which make the 4 frequency motors more powerful and safety, the CPU of the control system is made by DELTA.

4>The 6 ton of the embedded part welded with the main equipment can make sure the whole equipment more stable and safe.

5>There are two HDPE(High-density polyethylene plastics) buffer rings in the oil-cylinder to reduce the impact when the equipment is touching down.

2.The 14m operating height is the special design to make this equipment more thrilling and attractive.

3.The ATCLS(full-automatic cabin locking system) can make sure the cabins stable before the equipment operating, it’s very convenient and comfortable to get on for the passengers.

4.Steel structure has been polished by twice time, the painting of the production looks smooth and shining.

5.Luxury decorations and many LED lights make the production more attractive and shining.

6.The full-automatic pressure bar is operated by one-touch system trough the control box.


Power 75kw
Voltage 380v/220v
Max height 10m
Turning angle 360°
Capacity 30p
Static height 8.5m
Size 19m*22m
Package  Wooden box with iron frame
Application Theme park,playground,fun fair
Guarantee 12 month
Light  Different kinds & Colors LED light


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