• 25m Ferris Wheel
  • 25m Ferris Wheel
  • 25m Ferris Wheel
  • 25m Ferris Wheel
  • 25m Ferris Wheel

25m Ferris Wheel

Power: 5.5KW,9KW

Height: 20m,25m





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Ferris wheel rides is a kind of mechanical structure,it belongs to a vertical rotating around the horizontal axis and the seats hang around the side types equipment.it can hangs on the edge of the wheel which is above cabin for passengers ride up,passengers sitting in the ferris wheel cabin then slowly turn up,can overlook the scenery from the high position.Especially in the night,the luxury LED lights make the ferris wheel more beautiful and attractive.


1.Sand-blasting cleaned steel rails and tubes, polished, glass fiber, stainless steel fixing accessories, non-fading and durable colorful design.

2.Various design in different Cabin shapes can choose.Also can install air-conditioner as your need.

3.Equipped with advanced great music, positioning, gorgeous lighting, timing functions,and We can also put your logo according to your requests.

4.Each weld must be tested by crack detection and infrared penetration, the strength of each shaft must meet the national standards

5..We pay much attention to painting.first it paint with bottom paint, then anti rust paint, last the bright paint, the three times paint ensure it is bright in color and not easy to fade up.

6..Guarantee of ride is 12-24 months, during this period the non-artificial faults of all components is free to change.


Height Cabin Passenger Driving power Floor space required
20m 14 56 5.5kw 15m*12m
25m 16 64 9kw 25m*15m


Please feel free to submit your inquiry information to us. We will contact with you as soon as possible.