Equipment maintenance includes routine maintenance and inspection before operation this machine.1.1Routine maintenance

1.1.1 Check all bolts case at least once a day.

1.1.2 Check safety guards equipment daily, specifically including the safety seat bar and safety wheel bolt.

1.1.3 main bearings are lubricated once a week.

1.1.4 motor bearing lubrication every half a year .

1.1.5 Shall be not less than once a day to check all bolts loosening device is normal.

1.1.6 Lubrication for Rotary support equipment after running for a week .

1.1.7 replace reducer lubricating oil Every six months

1.1.8 Once a month to check on the bracket and hex body slewing ring bolts are loose or missing.

1.2Checking before running machine

1.2.1 Check whether there is someone below equipment before running machine.

1.2.2 Check the transmission parts including motor anchor bolts, bearing bolts ,checked if there is any missing or loose.

1.2.3 Check whether seat frame slewing ring bolts are loose or missing before start machine.

1.2.4 Check the pressure bars and other safety devices are normal.

1.3At the entrance, or other conspicuous places, hanging "Passengers notice" or precautions;

1.4Before starting, workers must tell passengers matters needing attention .

1.5According to design requirements, non-overloading;

1.6The machine is operated by main and sub-control personnel staff. In the main cabinet operation opposite azimuth of 180 ° should be located vice control; the vice control personnel check the safety of passengers first, then notify prosecutors.

1.7Press the bell button & prompt passengers to pay attention to safety After all the passengers seating , observe and make sure no danger rear can press the start button; Passengers are not free to run away during the sitting, standing, in order to avoid accidents;

1.8Don't increase the fuse capacity.

1.9During the boot operation, management personnel shall not leave without authorization.

1.10Managers should always observe the situation analysis tourists declined unsuitable ride of personnel involved.

1.11Managers should pay close attention to tourists dynamic situation, remind visitors pay attention to safety timely, and promptly correct unsafe behavior of tourists, and remove artificial or mechanical, electrical hidden dangers on;

1.12If there are any sudden blackouts in the run, should switch off the power supply first, and then evacuating the passengers.

1.13In operation, if a sudden mechanical, electrical or personal accident, you should press the emergency stop button first, turn off the power; should take immediate measures to rescue, evacuation of passengers or handling equipment failure;

1.14In case of thunderstorms, heavy snow, high winds, fires, earthquakes should immediately cease operation, evacuation of passengers.

1.15After the equipment parked;passengers can get down from cabinets.

1.16Please operate & maintenance the equipment according to the requirement of the instruction for use; As a result of irregularities or alter any mechanical and electrical damage, such as own responsibility, if need to repair, the buyer should pay spare parts cost and labor cost

The user operate the equipment in accordance with the operating instructions.; Carefully check Maintenance equipment, otherwise, the company does not undertake any civil liability or criminal liability