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24-hour online service

you can contact us anytime conveniently.
We support

  • WhatsApp

  • Skype

  • Viber

  • Wechat

  • Tradmanager


We can offer are ISO9001, SGS, CO, CIQ, COC, BV, TUV, CE.

Design & Service

Professional park design for free by our own team.

Packing & Shipping

There are three Packing ways:

1. Plastic foam

2. Non-woven Fabric

3. Wooden box for fiberglass items to pack

Shipping: we can book container and deal with everything for your before container leaving China.

Technology & installation support

Freely provide installation drawing & videos and responsible for maintenance and changing accessories in one year guarantee period.Dispatch engineer and workers to your countries to guide installation if needed,you just need to pay travel fee and their salary.Besides, Train your workers to operate & maintenance this ride by free.